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Don’t wait for the right time. Create it.”

— Unknown



A trip to the cinema this weekend and I know that the future of Hollywood is in trouble. My children wanted to see “The Bad Guys” and so for my daughter’s birthday I made it happen. We collected our tickets and our popcorn and we were off to cinema room 11.

The movie begins and the opening scene is great with its resident bad guys walking through society scaring everyonin sight with their mere presence. Quickly; however, we slip into Oceans Eleven and I’m off to sleep.

What is it with these production companies!? They recycle stories like a college boy’s underwear, they rotate the same actors to the extent of being offensive – love you Dwayne Johnson but please take a break- and then expect us to run to theaters to help revamp Hollywood after the pandemic.

Bad Guys….no thank you.

Shopping in France

Hyper U in Sierenz is my “go to” spot to have a great time grocery shopping. If you live in Switzerland you know that 100 CHF will buy you a hand full of groceries, but € 300 at Hyper U will set you up for a month. It’s not just the prices though. The variety/selection available takes me back to the days of shopping in California. Aisle upon aisle you find domestic treasures as well as tasty imports. I especially adore their bread, cheese and seafood.

Tip: Make sure!!! to eat before you go. All of the delcious options will have you drooling and shopping with your cravings if you don’t.


Skin Care

Mandacaru ♡

During my escape to the summer in Argentina, I picked up this little bottle of joy somewhere along the way. This morning I tried the Mandacaru Hand Cream for the first time, and instantly I knew that life is worth living 🥰. At L’OCcitane though, La vie is always belle! I hope that they have this one is our local stores❤


This whole playlist is my childhood. Nuff said