Life: A Game Of Marco Polo

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A new year means new goals, which for some can be anxiety-provoking. The pandemic, divorce, and rebuilding have put me in a position to second guess myself sometimes, but when I stop to think about what’s really behind it all, I see that I have every reason to push harder. Let’s talk about it.

Listen enjoy. Originally I was going to write an accompanying article, but that will have to come at some other time.

The Go GRL Trailer

The Go GRL is where I share my life adventure with you: the travel, the life revelations, the family time, the food and more. Check out my “Daily” where you’ll really get to know my personality, likes and get recommendations on books, shows, movies, products, travel destinations and more that you might like and enjoy the preview to get to know my style of adventure.

Will Smith Punches Chris Rock at the 94th Oscar Awards

It’s the slap heard around the world and none of us saw it coming. Not even Will I’d bet. So far, the conversation has centered around Smith’s sensitivity to “just a joke” or Rock’s deserving of the smackdown for his blatant disrespect of Jada Pinkett Smith’s alopecia; however, if you had happened to catch Will’s

photography of airplane during sunrise

2022 Pandemic Travel Forecast: 5 Tools for Happy Travel

For the average Jack and Joe, travel has been off-limits since March of 2020; however, I’m a bit more adventurous than the average bear, so pandemic travel has become my new obsession. In 2020 alone, I traveled to  9 countries, experienced some oldies but goodies in a whole new way, and spent nearly every month

Our Top 3 New Movies & Family Favorites: “Must Sees” from My Family to Yours

Before we begin with my 3 new family favorite films, let me just say – with full disclosure- that I have never been a movie fan. The movie theater was always a place for me to catch a much-needed nap. Since the pandemic; however, film and TV have become a sort of inescapable portal to

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